infinity-minus-one-front-coverInfinity Minus One is a Kirkus Reviews Best Indie Books of 2016 selection.
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In Infinity Minus One, a collection of poems written between 1987 and 2016, poet John R. Snyder explores themes of mortality, aging, the power and limits of language, fathers and sons, and the spiritual quest, in language that is precise, musical, and accessible. In the author's preface, Snyder acknowledges his debt to poets such as Gary Snyder, Jane Hirshfield, and William Stafford, and their influence is palpable in many of his poems. Snyder is known especially for his award-winning literary haiku, and more than thirty of these vivid and often poignant short poems are included in the collection. The book includes an appendix with author's notes on many of the poems.

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Benediction    the monks of winter       
Climbing the Mountain   Scant clouds, the smell of spruce and water      
Evening Raga for the Suburbs   I am looking for the beauty in your life      
Haiku, Set 1   Twenty-five haiku, a range of topics and styles      
I Knew a Man   I knew a man who was like a bruise      
Ikaros   What if we changed the story, had some sadistic god      
Lux Perpetua: four octets for my son   I knew the summery night of your beginning     
Like Pressed Flowers   Long ago I saved in a book     
Moon Moths   In need of wisdom in my life     
Nocturne   At night he would open     
No Show   Some mornings I go to the usual meeting place      
On Discovering the William Stafford Online Archive   I have many fathers     
Sabi-Wabi   Leery of perfection, the Japanese master     
Should Things Become Blurred   Should things become blurred     
Signals   How surpassingly strange,     
Start With Things   start with things – not with ideas    
Suizoku   He stands quite still     
The Old Ones   In the end only the land was left      
The Remembered Thorn   Heart pounding, Androcles knelt       
The Seed   See the seed      
Waves   What is the shape of a wave?