Table of Contents

Tending the Light: Essays on Montessori Education by John R. Snyder
Foreword by Donna Bryant Goertz
A Note from the Publisher by David Kahn
Part One: Thinking about Montessori
On Comparing Apples and Oranges: A Perspective
on Montessori and Conventional Education
Whole Child, Whole World:
Learning Outside the Elementary Classroom
Imagination: The Child’s Key to the Universe
Tending the Light of Intelligence
A Closer Look
Where Every Day Is Earth Day
Is Montessori Education Inherently Service Oriented?

Part Two: The Montessori Elementary – Theory into Practice
A Letter to Teachers at the Beginning Of a New School Year

Seeing Ourselves as Others See Us
The Bridge of Trust: Working Successfully With Parents and Colleagues

Spiritual Development of the Adult: Beginning the Journey 

Caring for Our Children by Caring for Ourselves
Appreciating and Supporting the Nine- to Twelve-Year-Old
Structure and Spontaneous Learning
Four Ways of Learning: An Explanatory Framework
Developing Spiritual Order through Responsibility to a Community
On Criteria for Evaluation
Working without Specialists Works for Children
Bringing the World of Artistic Expression to the Child

The Story of Human Creativity in Cosmic Education: Including a Story to Tell the Children
Introduction to the First Great Story for Older Children

And the Greatest of These is Love: A Story for the Children
Talking to Children about Peace in a Time of War
Designing Key Lessons for Inquiry
Cartesian Plane Activities with the Pegboard
The Children’s Play, the Children’s Way
Call Me by My True Name
Lyle’s Tale: Exclusion and Inclusion in the Upper Elementary
Emotions Like Clouds, Thoughts Like Rain
Staying in Touch with the Wonder of Language
Haiku: Windows on the World
Bringing Experience to Conscious Awareness
Situations Calling for Grace and Courtesy around People in Power Wheelchairs
A Boy’s View of Taggart Lake

Part Three: To Share with Parents
An Open Letter to New Elementary Parents
Updating Our Parenting Manuals
Who Is the Elementary Child?
A Community’s Work Is Never Done
When a Loved One Dies
A Letter about Talking to Children about Death
Boys and Gun Play
The Gift of the Family Meal
We Are What We Eat
Supporting the Elementary Child’s Work at Home
Montessori Homework for the Upper Elementary
Computers in the Montessori Home: Guidelines for Decision-Making
If You Want Your Children to Love Reading and Writing
Reading Aloud: The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Child’s Reading

Appendix: Montessori Homework Ideas for the Upper Elementary