How surpassingly strange,
the fragile signals we send each other:
evanescent tremblings in the air,
light captured on a page in squirms of ink;
microvoltaic movements of muscles
around eyes, forehead, mouth.

Subtle fluctuations of energy flow
from openness to openness,
becoming in turn rich polyphonies,
the clement murmur of contentment,
starless, cataclysmic chords of despair,
or fingernails on the chalkboard of reason.

Listen! The body reverberates with intelligence
carried on the nerves, borne by the blood.
Delicate auroras of meaning dance
in the vast distances between atoms.

How surpassingly strange,
these separate selves we think we are —
empty energetic eddies, never-ending,
carried on the field of being, even
to the edge of the expanding All.